Good Friday Reflection

“How are you reflecting on God’s faithfulness today?” In a week that has felt like a roller coaster out of control, this question hit me hard as I read it on the Proverbs 31 facebook page this morning. (You can read it here) To be perfectly honest, I’ve questioned God several times this week. Are you really here in the midst of what I see going on? Are you really asking me to do ‘this’? I’ve uttered ‘I don’t understand’ more than once…ok, maybe more than 100 times. There have been challenges with our lease. There have been personal struggles, financial questions, people who I thought I could rely on that have proven otherwise. And my dogs are out of control…what human or fur kid momma hasn’t put this on the list most weeks??? The list goes on and on.

It would be easy to slip into the place of fear, anxiety and doubt and let the familiar place of comfortable complacency wrap me up like a warm blanket on a chilly evening. But I’m grateful that this year God has been working in the shadows when I wasn’t necessarily paying attention to equip me for this time. I was beyond blessed to be a part of the book launch team last month for an amazing book (details on that coming in next week’s post!) that speaks to how to focus on God when doubt is rising. I’ve been ordering books for the store and have been reminded of several old favorites from studies of years gone by that I learned so much from. And, after several years of using the same planner and journal system, I started getting bombarded with ads for something different. I know that seems trivial, but I’m now using a new planner and journal that asks me everyday to stop and think about three things I’m grateful for and at the end of each day three great things that happened that day.

Because even in the midst of the crazy, his faithfulness gave me a daily reminder to start every day with a grateful heart and end with a reflection of not where I didn’t see Him move, but where I did. It’s there every day… if we just slow down long enough to see it.

Take time today to reflect…no matter how busy you are. I promise you, He is there.

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